What company name would you like to register?
There is no difference between the name endings except for how they look.
This address will be used to send notifications to the company and will be publicly available on the Companies House online register.
Describe in a few words the business activities
Most companies use 'ordinary' shares in British pounds (GBP). Shareholders will have the following rights: - one vote per share on company decisions - receive a share of profits as dividend payments - receive a share of capital, for example if it closes down. Only choose 'No' if you need to create more than one type of share or need to set up shares in a different way.
Most companies have 1 or 100 shares issued. If you have more than one shareholder we recommend to issue the relevant amount so they can be split accordingly. You can add more shares after the company is registered.
Please select the number of Directors that will be appointed upon incorporation.